ConnStance heads to the New York Auto Show!

Oh hey, I wrote this thing! It’s about the New York Auto show, which I am attending tomorrow with my friends/Car Club and then there is beer and I’m psyched about it.

Constitutionally Stanced

Hello little piglets – we here at ConnStance are hittin’ up the New York Auto Show tomorrow. Also booze. There will be booze. In our faces. Courtesy of the Bierhaus. Gonna be great. But, lets talk about cars…since this is a car club and not a beer club. (It should be both for the record.)

Let’s talk about the world premieres of production cars that we will be seeing with our eye balls and that I (Ryan) am most excited about. The following opinions are based on me and myself – you’re allowed to have opinions but just know they are less right than these opinions.

First the  Chevrolet Camaro(facelift) , Camaro Z/28. It looks as though it’s staring through your soul. It has “500 hp 7.0-liter V8 borrowed from the Chevy Corvette Z06, and features a host of bodywork and weight trimming modifications that help turn it into what Chevy says…

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