Charity is a Thing

You’re always hearing about charities turning out to be ruthless ass hole filled organizations. This is not one of those times. They have Matt Damon so…how do you like them apples? (and the crowd goes silent)

I’ll let speak for itself for a moment. Read all the things:


I love graphics. They make me feel like I’ve gained knowledge when really nothing has happened.

When I give to charity my favorite way to do so is one in which I get something back. This time I chose one of these –

 a 20oz water bottle I’m going to use at work, because drinking water is a luxury that I’m bad at. It comes out of the god damn walls for god sakes and I don’t do it enough cause I’m dumb.

That is the video that got me. It has a bunch of people I like and it’s funny and I want to save ALL THE PEOPLE. So yeah. This will be the charity I’ll be all up in this year. Get with the times.

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