New Water God Interview

This is a thing I wrote right after the BP oil spill. The “Zeus” stills are from the prodigious movie Hercules. I hope you like it.



Thanks for reading this thing! Again I hope you enjoyed it, if not though, whatever. Some updates on the site and my life: The site is now just – yeah, big stuff. Also I’m writing a short film that will be a real thing later next year. Also also buy my book, it’s super cheap and a fun/quick read. K cool thanks bye.

My Spec Scripts!

Spec Scripts?! What does that mean?! Well, let me tell you friend.

Spec scripts are things that you write to show that you have the ability to…write. Over the years I’ve written lots of stuff but only a small amount of it I am proud enough to let the world see with their vision holes. I created a new part of my website literally called Specs (Click here to see it) that now has 3 examples of original scripts I have written. If you like what I’ve written here on this blog thing, I’m certain you’ll at least sort of like those spec scripts.

Oh, also, if you by any chance want to hire me to write things and/or just throw money at my face because of one of those scripts you read, I highly recommend doing so and contact me HERE.