The 4 Corners of the Universe

When I was very young my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be if I put my mind to it, so at the age of 4 I became an astronaut. Over the years I embarked on as many missions and explorations into space that my body and my country would allow.

As I reached the ripe old age of 24 I awoke one morning to a text. “Here it is man. Your moment of zen. You’re on your way to the 4 corners.” The 4 Corner project had been up in the air (pun intended) for a few years. Telescopes had been pompously reporting the edges of the Universe for decades but a ship had not yet been built that could travel fast enough for the crew members to get to all 4 without dying of old age.

By the age of 26 we arrived at the first edge, and everyone else looked over the side while I kept the ship steady. I told them I would get to it next time. At 28 we reached the second edge and it was reported vehemently to me that it was even more remarkable than the first. At 31 the third edge was reached bringing along with it wisdom and courage and an almost total sense of purpose for the other three crew members. They begged me to come look. I said I had one more chance and for them not to worry.

At 35 we reached the fourth and final corner. From the other side of the ship I could feel the endless energy. The sight brought happiness, love, and enough raw emotion to fill any void your life could create. The other crew members ran over to me at the helm with stars in their eyes, but when they asked me to come see for myself I said, “No thank you.”

“But Ryan, don’t you want to look over the edge of the Universe?” they said.

I replied with a simple, “No….I live in an infinite universe whether the universe is infinite of not.”

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